Either the Agency or Contractor or both can access their data through their own portal…
Unlimited setup of Schemes, Expenses, Companies, Agencies, Jobs and Contractors…
We use the HMRC Accredited award winning payroll from the Bristol based provider…

The complete Umbrella Payroll Software Solution

The three portions enable providers of all sizes with the answer to their automation challenge. Banish those spreadsheets and use an HMRC Accredited payroll software to produce correctly calculated payslips based on data fed from the BackOffice. Let the BackOffice deal with all the Contractor, Agency, Timesheet, Expense and Contract issues and feed paid for hours into the payroll software. Extend it one step further and have Agencies or Contractors using Portals to feed in their own data from their office directly into your BackOffice and to see their own payslips and invoices
We’ve listened very carefully to you and have produced a solution that is affordable, understandable and controllable