A big update including the new Letter Manager

The latest update covers so many areas, but all the changes and tweaks are to support our user base. Covering all of these changes we have updated the overall Look and Feel of the whole system with new icons, colours, fonts, lines, titles and box headers

NEW P45 Export Facility
This is an extra function to enable users to create Leaver information in bulk. You can already print P45’s in bulk, but this function enables you to create the original Leaver records in bulk

NEW Letter Manager
the user now has the ability to create “mail merge” documents. This is a large new Manager (free to every user) that provides the ability to bulk send any unique document created within the system or in Word2016 to any grouping of Contractors and  Agencies. These documents can either be quick internal simple text based letters or full MailMerge letters based around Word2016. The “merge” provides the ability to add specific mail merge fields (name, address, DoB, Free Text, Titles, Job, etc – in fact over 60 different fields) of Contractor, Company or Agency data directly into the internal simple text based letter or the off system Word document. Depending upon the choices made, each letter can be stored against the Contractor record, be available on the Contractor Portal, be emailed, etc. There is a full clickable History of the letter produced, the Contractors it was sent to and the specific document history

NEW Cost Codes
To aid users who wish to report data based on Cost Codes (or General Ledger codes or similar) the system has been updated for a default code at the Contractor level and more detailed coding at the earning level. As expected, a user can create an unlimited number of cost codes giving each a description. The code can be in the format 12-345-888 or 12345-888 or 12345888 or any combination of characters up to ten characters; supporting journal type exports to multiple different accounting\reporting solutions

NEW User Defined Fields
New space has been added to the Contractor record for over 30 user defined fields to support reporting and other needs. User always come up with different needs, so these can be molded to fit each new circumstance

NEW Payslip Layouts
Four new payslip styles have been added to the available list. These cover industry standard payslips (ie Style15 – Film industry) or variants on existing layouts (ie Style14 based on Style6 with a change to how Employers Pension is displayed). To support those payslips, it is useful to remember that there are already switches\settings on all payslips to hide\show Company addresses, Company PAYE References, Contractor HMRC Payroll ID’s, to add Company specific logos, etc


In addition to all these new functions, there have been updates and tweaks to the Output to Payroll warnings, the Output Recovery records, the Illustrator, how the system deals with different smtp records, different demands on net pay text messages, more functions surrounding Holiday Pay, Apprentice Levy and Pensions; all to support quicker processing and more payroll types and schemes


A big update including the new Letter Manager

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