Agency Portal

agency_portalAgency Portal access is ‘given’ to Agency contacts. Normally there is just one contact setup per Agency, but an Agency with six contacts could have six unique logins with unique usernames and passwords. It is not automatic. The portal access includes what options an Agency can see, what landing page logo and service name they will see and their username and password. The portal pages are viewable on mobiles, pc’s and MAC’s. The portal can sit behind an SSL certificate, but it is not compulsory to do so

The basic Agency portal presents Agencies with an online link to their Contractors. These are Contractors who at some point have had an assignment with that Agency. Agencies can add new Contractors ready for office confirmation. Agencies can also see assignments, invoices, timesheets and agreed documents. Agencies also have a Quick Entry option to add timesheets. The invoice to the Agency is available the moment it is created in the main system.  Assignments and timesheets can be synchronised into the main system from the Portal without re-keying.

Useful functions allow users to email or text the username and password direct to the Agency, drawing on preset message setups. Portal access can also be set as “first time” (at anytime) to force the Agency to reaffirm set details and any corporate declarations or updates. Affirmation of that process is stored into the Agency notes. There are system wide or Company specific areas for adding\changing the corporate declarations. Portal users can be grouped, so that different access options can be given to different Agencies based on the service offering, so those who don’t input timesheets, need not see the quick entry option