Bureau Portal

The Bureau portal gives access to Bureau customers.

This option is there for those clients who wish to offer services to small independent Umbrella companies who can’t afford a full system. This portal provides the small independent Umbrella company with access to add contractors, process timesheets, add tax code changes and see the invoices you create on their behalf. You would operate the full system behind the scenes.

Your Bureau Customers are provided with access to place contractors on Assignments against Agencies attributable to them. They can add hours and expenses to enable invoices to be raised to their Agency customers. You retain control over the whole system. You process the timesheets, process the payroll and create payslips. The Bureau Customer immediately sees the invoices and payslips and has options to email to their Agency customer or Contractor.

The basic Bureau portal presents Umbrella companies with an online link to their timesheets, expenses, payslips and Contractors. The payslip is available the moment it is created in the main system.  Changes to Contractor personal details can be synchronised into the main system from the portal. Each of the independent Umbrella companies own Contractors can be given access to the standard Contractor portal. All the normal Contractor portal options apply.

To support the Bureau operation, there is a Bureau Fee Manager to create invoices based a fee structure. A typical fee structure might include a charge to add a Contractor, a charge to provide a Contractor with weekly portal access and a charge to setup the actual Umbrella company.