We own our own hosting environment

Let’s get a few things straight. First of all, the server farm is in the UK, so no GDPR issues connecting to servers in Iceland, Germany or wherever other farms might be located. Secondly, we don’t expect you to “buy” a server, hand it over to us and let us host it. We allocate you your own server in our server farm. Finally, we don’t ask you to buy any sql licences or any other server software. You rent a fully working server from us in a Government Accredited operation. It’s that simple.

You will be able to access your data from anywhere in the world using our unique login software.

Everything from the bricks and mortar to the lights to the servers to the cable is 100% ours. As mentioned before, all parts of the solution are in the UK. That’s an important point; as renting servers often means renting space on a server in another country. As you would expect with any server farm operation; our server farm building has external and internal security cameras and door security. Inside it has fail-over resources for the UPS’s, the fibre broadband lines, the routers; even the servers. The big comfort for you is; we own it all.  All servers are backed up daily.

Hosting costs £10 pcm per login user, plus £100 pcm for the base server, so to provide a 25 concurrent user server costs £350pcm. This does not include the cost of any software on that hosted server

If you want to see external details of our Accreditation, click here