The Managers

The BackOffice comes with all these Managers in every installation. Whether each Manager is used or of use is up to each user. Options include:

SMS Manager – sending text messages to contractors based on ‘Net Pay’, ‘Second Net Pay’, ‘Advances’, ‘Portal Access’, Passwords’ and any other use. A full history searchable by Contractor, Agency, Company and Department is maintained

Payment Manager – this is the module to create BACS files. Of course it has a history of every payment (net pay, advance, dividend, loan and payment) ever made, searchable by PaymentRun ID, Contractor, Agency, Company and Department

Letter Managera very powerful Document\Letter creation tool to support Contracts, Pension Letters, etc, linked directly to the Portals

Sales Manager – this is an enhanced quick search module. It is aimed at support or first responder teams to provideĀ  a one-stop entry point to all relevant information

Compliance Manager – this module provides the support for AWR, prompting users when any assignment needs to be checked by the compliance team.

Competency Manager – functionality to monitor expiry dates of Contractor competency certification, with the express task of reminding office staff and contractors

Task Manager – the Task Manager module is there to support users in setting manual and automated Tasks to themselves and other users based on the data in the system