The Managers

The BackOffice comes with all these Managers in every installation. Whether each Manager is used or of use is up to each user. Options include:

SMS Manager – you can create preset text messages for Net Pay, Second Net Pay, Advances, Portal Access and any other use. All messages get into the same queue, initially set as “on hold”. Filter the messages based on Agency, Company or Department to narrow down those you want to send. Take any message off hold and the system will send it immediately. The system also records the text response, so you know if it was delivered to the handset or rejected. It also records a history of text messages, searchable by Contractor, Agency, Company and Department

Payment Manager – this is the module to create BACS files. Entries to this manager are created by the system as payroll is processed. All payment records get into the same queue, initially set as “on hold”. The number of entries builds as you process payrolls. Filter the entries based on Agency, Company or Department to narrow down those you want to pay. Take any payment record off hold and it is then available for inclusion in a BACS file. Run your BACS file into one of many preset bank outputs and use it to import into your online bank presence. There is a history of every payment, searchable by PaymentRun ID, Contractor, Agency, Company and Department

Letter Manager – the Letter Manager gives the ability to bulk send any unique document created within the system or in Word2016 to any grouping of Contractors and  Agencies. These documents can either be quick internal simple text based letters or full Mail Merge letters based around Word2016. The “merge” provides the ability to add specific mail merge fields (name, address, DoB, Free Text, Titles, Job, etc – in fact over 60 different fields) of Contractor, Company or Agency data directly into the internal simple text based letter or the off system Word document. Depending upon the choices made, each letter can be stored against the Contractor record, be available on the Contractor Portal, be emailed, etc. There is a full clickable History of the letter produced, the Contractors it was sent to and the specific document history

Sales Manager – this is an enhanced quick search module. It is aimed at support or first responder teams. The user is able to find a Contractor using any part of up to ten most used search fields (name ,address date of birth, postcode, mobile) in order to quickly access the contractor record. Full integrated telephone systems have allowed customers to automatically search on caller ID’s and pop-up the relevant Contractor record. Compared to a simple search, this module allows the user to also search based on Agency, Company, Department and even contractor status to re-activate archived records

Compliance Manager – this additional module provides the support for AWR. The Compliance Manager functionality monitors all Contractor assignments. It can prompt users when any assignment needs to be checked by the compliance team. After defining the period to be monitored and when the clock needs to be restarted due to inactivity, the system checks at configurable intervals ready to activate warnings and alters; even restarting the clock if the contractor has been inactive for the configurable period of time. The Compliance Manager provides access to each contractor’s assignments showing the current weeks count, clock start date, last worked and last date the assignment was checked

Competency Manager – the Competency Manager provides functionality to monitor expiry dates of Contractor competency certification. The system can be configured to send alerts, tasks and emails to preferred users a set number of days before the expiry date entered is due. An automatic reminder can also be sent to the Contractor. A manual reminder can be sent at any time. Each competency record is attached to a Contractor. A Contractor can have multiple competency records. Records can be created in bulk to support bulk certification for course attendees. Every record can have scanned documents attached (copies of certificates), be given an expiry date and a general description.

Task Manager – the Task Manager pervades the whole system. It is a module that appears via icons on many screens. The intention is both to enable users to allocate work to other users, but also for the system to create Tasks based on pre-defined events. The system monitor can create tasks to targeted users based on monitored data (retirement dates, change in Contractor status, a new portal timesheet has arrived, visa expiry, competency expiry due and many other events). These monitor events run constantly, reporting at set intervals. As a simple example of a task; a logged in user can create a task assigning a group of Contractor records to another user to “update mobile numbers”. That task can be found in the owner task list and the assignee task list and can be actively monitored for progress. The actual task record includes active links to all the Contractors and can also be found on each Contractor in a task tab