Auto Enrolment

pensionAuto Enrolment can be a logistical headache. It is an important area of administration. This portion of the overall process is dealt with smoothly by QTAC – setup, processing and reporting.

From the Employee and Employer percentage values, the setup of Relief at Source or Net Pay Arrangement pensions, whether the pension is Non Contracted Out or Contracted Out, if it is a Qualifying Scheme or not, how you calculate the pension (salary sacrifice pension, contribution limits, reference to Lower or Upper Earnings Limits); QTAC has it covered.  Once you add in Staging Dates, Postponement periods and Letters, there is the core functionality to support your pension. Pension letters can be automatically applied to Contractor records in BackOffice

Using QTAC’s “What do I do” Dashboard and data links to NEST, NOW, The Peoples Pension, Smart Pension, Aviva as well as Pension Sync, once a payroll is run (of any type that can attract Auto Enrolment Pensions) the processes are there to deal with the data. There are numerous online videos, guides and help files to support this specific area, given it’s complicated nature to many businesses

Employer contributions will appear with Employers NIC, Apprentice Levy and the margin fee on Umbrella payslips