Personal Service Companies

We’ve always had the functionality in a sister product that was sold separately, but dealing with PSC’s is now fully integrated into the main BackOffice.

When a user creates a Company, it can be identified as a Private Limited Company. Various fields throughout the system will either be unlocked or taken into account for processes involving PSC’s. A new payslip layout has been added. This is not a traditional payslip, but a statement\summary of invoiced and pay values in a format used by PSC’s. To support the requirements of PSC’s there is a new tab called Tracking in the company record. This covers the additional data re 64-8’s, Dispensations, Annual Returns, etc

A contractor in Umbrella Control can now be set to be an Umbrella, CIS, Gross to Net or PSC contractor. A contractor can move from one setup to another, subject to the completion of open hours in a previous setup. There is a new tick box on the main Output to Payroll process to limit viewed detail to just PSC’s.  The standard processes still apply to a PSC setup (adding hours and expenses), but there is now control over set salaries. A weekly paid PSC Contractor will show hours at NMW. A monthly paid PSC Contractor will show values based on the setup on the Contractor record.

If multiple PSC’s exist, they can all be exported into one multi-company payfile

Personal Service Companies

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