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This is not always the easiest question to answer as it depends on the number of users with access to the solution and how many contractors you process. One item that doesn’t change is ‘how many companies can I have”. The answer to that is “as many as you need”. There is no additional cost for multiple companies. So although you may only have one P35, you can split the contractors into CIS, Umbrella, Normal, Test and similar or you may just look after multiple umbrella’s.

Hosting costs £15 pcm per licenced user, plus £100 pcm for the base server.

There is then the cost of how many users you wish to use the full solution and how many unique RTI records you will produce in a tax year. As quick examples, if you have 500 contractors, five users and no portals budget on about £1450pcm; if you have 100 contractors, a contractor portal and three users budget on about £1600pcm.

Each Portal (with no restriction on the number of external portal users) costs £495 pcm.

Yes, we bill monthly. We don’t expect you to fork out £20,000 on day one. We don’t bill at £x per contractor per week. We bill £x per month. That’s it. You get all the latest versions. You get support. There is no limit on number of calls or length of call. It means we have to have a commitment to you for the long term, not merely a one-off sales target; and you can budget your costs.