Umbrella, CIS or PAYE

There is one system and one price

There is no branding of processing options. The system is there to support your processing requirements and can normally be flexed to do so. You can run Umbrella, Umbrella Lite, CIS, PAYE, PSC and almost any type of payroll. There is no preset structure or extra module to buy. All the options are available in every version to every user.

Umbrella – the standard Umbrella. There are multiple single and two page payslip layout options. You can bill the Agency Fees in excess of hours. You can control which expenses need a receipt and the system will carry forward unused expenses. In the end, the industry standard Umbrella calculation

Umbrella Lite – something away from the standard Umbrella such as: No Holiday Pay, Split-Out Holiday Pay, No Expenses, SDC Expenses only, Fee charged, No Fee charged. Umbrella Lite is not a label you will see in the system, just a response to your processing and outcome needs. Most options are configurable

CIS – whilst no different to your staff to any other type of processing (timesheet, payslip, pay, online submission), a Contractor initially needs to be marked as CIS. This opens up other functions such as online UTR verification, CIS specific payslips, CIS invoice layouts and other CIS related items.

PAYE – any type of PAYE payroll can be run. A user can set expenses to attract relief or not; have no expenses; bill the Agency for Employers NIC or not; run an office payroll for a third party; the options are vast. It is just part of setup and available to all

PSC – create invoices for the PSC customer and process hours. Let the system process invoiced hours through to payroll @ NMW or set a salary each pay period to produce a Pay Advice with dividends and expenses. Extra fields exist for 64/8’s, Dispensations, etc. Extra setup is there in a Fee Manager to enable users to create bills\charges to the PSC