Updates, updates, updates

There are updates multiples times a year for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is a small update to correct a bug. More often it is an update to contain a series of new functions, often quite small functions such as adding an extra field

In the last six months we’ve supported …..changes to the new CIS VAT rules…..we added extra procedures to cover password creation, so a user can identify ‘weak’ passwords’ and bulk email or text contractors to get them to improve their portal login choice…..there are more payslip layouts……more invoice layouts…..an increase in an email word count to 8000 words…..changes to the SMS module to enable users to set a send time; to support users who process payrolls in advance…..more choice on emails attached to P60’s P45’s, Payslips and other documents…..new reporting exports to support Pension needs…..new reports…..more alerts…..

“Sometimes a function change might not seem that large, but it is to the Customer. We’ve had many many many minor improvements to support our customers” said Director Daniel Clark. “We do listen. We do alter our product. How else would be push it forward”

Updates, updates, updates

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